get creative and shine!

Paul and I have now performed well over 2000 wedding ceremonies since we started performing professionally. As you can imagine, we’ve seen some pretty creative alternatives to the traditional wedding ceremony, most have come to expect. We would like to share some of the beautiful moments of these memorable events.

Candles instead of bouquets

It was a crisp, fall evening. The lighting was noticeably dimmed as the autumn moon shone through the dark church windows. Paul and I had already started performing as guests were escorted to their seats. We eagerly waited for our cue to start the processional. The church was decorated with pink orchids at the entrances of each pew, and candles illuminated the windows. Friends and family were finally seated, joy and happiness expressed on their faces. As we were given our cue to begin, the flower girl started to walk down the aisle. The sound of our music echoed beautifully throughout the space, creating a calming yet haunting effect. One thing caught me by surprise: instead of the bridesmaids carrying flowers, they were carrying candles. The candle light reflected off of their faces, showing the excitement and joy on each face. Each bridesmaid took their spot, and finally the bride walked down the aisle. Her dress and hair were perfect, but her smile being the most beautiful of all. The bouquet was beautifully crafted; a different variety of orchids and lilies, with tiny jewels scattered throughout her flowers.

As I looked around, the bridesmaids’ candles each had a spot next to the bride and groom. The minister went on to say that these candles symbolized the power of love, friendship and commitment. The important people in the bride and groom’s lives would be the light in their darkness, the hope in their doubt. It was a memorable way of expressing the theme of the sermon.

Circle of love

The smell of sweet roses and petunias made a smile appear on my face. It was a beautiful spring day, and Paul and I were performing at a garden ceremony in Chicago. There were white chairs set up outside, with white bows at the entrance of the pews. A white gazebo was in the front, decorated with an assortment of flowers. The minister stood alongside the groom, who looked very excited. We started to play, and the bridesmaids walked down the aisle wearing light purple dresses; their bouquets a mixture of white and purple. The bride soon began her walk down the aisle, accompanied by her mother and father.

The ceremony began, and soon came the time for the bride and groom to exchange their vows. This time, the minister also called all the guests to come forward, and create a circle around the bride and groom. They held clasped hands, representing the tight bond of their families. This was definitely a first for Paul and I, but it was still amazing how much love this family had for each other. You could see the joy on each face for their loved ones to be finally beginning a new chapter in their lives. After the vows ended, the minister pronounced them husband and wife, and the circle broke apart to welcome the new couple into their open arms. It was truly a beautiful sight.